A continuación mostramos algunas de las entregas que hemos hecho antes.

1. Boardsortingline to Russia
2. ARI sawline to Russia
3. VALMET-840 forwarder to Russia
4. Boardsortingline to Russia
5. Logintake to Russia
6. Reducer-Bandsawline to Belarus
7. Planingline to Lituania
8. Planingline to China
9. Planingline to Latvia
10. Complete sawmill to Latvia
11. Hotwater Boilerplant to Latvia
12. Boardsortingline to Latvia
13. Driers to Latvia
14. Logsorting line to Romania
15. Logsortingline to Tanzania
16. Chip-pac for production of cellulose chips to Portugal
17. Reconditioned sawline to Poland.
18. Boardsortingline to Russia
19. ARI sawline to Chile
20. Logsorting and debarkingline to Chile
21. New LOGMAX harvestinghead to Chile
22. New tractor mounted processors to Chile
23. LINDSAW sawline to Tanzania
24. Bandresaw Stenner to Ghana
25. Chipping station with KMW chipper to Argentina
26. Chipping station with KMW chipper to Uruguay
27. Timberjack 570 harvester to Chile
28. Debarking and sorting plant to Colombia
29. Wood chipping unit to South Africa
30. Frame saw unit to South Africa

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