MELFOR Forest machines

Carrier units for mounting Melfor processors or other tools.

Movable processor unit type MELFOR SO40V
The unit can be mounted on ordinary log carriages or other type of vagons/carriages

Technical data
Hydraulic needed: 80 - 120 l/min and 180 to 200 bar
Max log diameters 40 cm

Mini-harvester with crane and stepfeeder type 350

Processor unit for mounting on ordinar farmer tractors

Technical data:
Weight: 980 kg
Max logdiameter: 40 cm
Feeding speed approx: 2,8 m/sec
Power needed 44 kW ( 60 hp )

Steppfeeder for felling, delimbing and cross-cutting trees.

Technical data:
Weight 280 kg
Max felling diameter 48 cm
Length of stroke 1 meter
Delimbing force 4500 Kp

New manufactured mobile processor unit type MELFOR SO40CL driven by ordinary farmer tractors through the power outlet.

The processor is delimbing and cross-cutting trees and with specially designed feed rollers it can also debark eucalyptus. The unit turn 360 degrees. With it's own hydraulic system ( 2 pumps ) it can also supply hydraulic to a separate log crane mounted for example at the tractor.

Maximum tree diameters 45 cm
Minimum power from tractor 45 kW

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