Woodworking plants

No: PL0100

Water based fire protection system for buildings with electrical pump
and backup pump driven by dieselmotor. Two water storage tanks included.
Complete "waterpipe"  system also included in the system.

No: PL0095

Board sorting line for both green and dry sawn timber with 40 sink pockets.

Stacker for making packages included in the line.

No: PL0094

Logsorting line with 2 x 11 pockets
The line is equipped with metaldetector,
measuring frame and 3D measuring frame.

No: PL0091

Line suitable for small logs from 8 to 25 cm ( 35 cm ) top diameter.
Consisting of two chipper-canters and one multiblade block saw.

No: PL0073

Reducer bandsaw line with capacity approx 45000 m3 ready sawn wood per year and shift

No: PL0069

Planing line with WACO/Jonsereds 7 - head planer type H-571KN
Feeding speed up to 70 m/min
Max planing width 300 mm
Max planing height 100 mm

No: PL0067

Combi sorting plant for boards and planks.
Number of pockets 20.

No: PL0061

Hot water kiln.
Capacity 2 x 100 m3

No: PL0045

Impregnation plant with 9 meter tube and 900 mm diameter.

No: PL0031

Complete sawmill with circular sawingmachines manufactured by Lindsaw in Sweden.
Capacity from 800 to 1200 logs per shift.
Max logdiameter 55 cm
Max loglength 6.5 meter
Logintake with Manipulator, Butt-end reducer and Debarker.

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