No: PL0103

Sawline with circular sawing machines.
Capacity around 40000 m3 timber per year and single shift.
Suitable for logdimensions 10 to 55 cm in diameter.

Video  clips showing the line can be seen at below link!Arm5d-GLh0dihGl1UWBWjzUg8-mt

No: PL0098

ARI saw linen with capacity approx 30000 m3 of ready sawn timber per year and shift.

No: PL0091

Line suitable for small logs from 8 to 25 cm ( 35 cm ) top diameter.
Consisting of two chipper-canters and one multiblade block saw.

No: PL0086

Sawline with ARI machines and Catech automatic edging system. Capacity approx 45000 m3 of ready sawn wood per year and shift.


Log bandsaw with carriage manufactured by CANALI

Logintake with log singulator plus outfeed roller conveyor included.

No: PL0073

Reducer bandsaw line with capacity approx 45000 m3 ready sawn wood per year and shift
Greensortingline with 33 pockets


Logbandsaw with carriage manufactured by ESTERER type EBB1600
Year of manufacturing 1990

No: PL0066

ARI Sawline with circular saws and chipper canters
Year of manufacturing around 1975 - 79
Capacity around 25000 to 35000 m3 per year and shift

No: PL0064

EuroMill sawline manufactured around 1997.
Capacity 600 logs per hour.

No: PL0024

Complete circular sawline with capacity up to 25000 m3 of sawn timber per year and 8 hours shift.
The plant was installed 1985. The line can handle max logdiameters 50 cm

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