Woodworking equipment

No: P0166

Debarker type Cambio 70-66DA

Max logdiameter 65 cm
Min logdiameter 10 cm

No: P0165

2-blade boardedger manufactured by Wesaborg in Sweden.

The edger comes with automatic centering infeeder with optimizer and out feed conveyor
with slab separator.

Capacity up to 40 pieces per min

Max. width 320 mm
Min. width 65 mm

Max. thickness 75 mm
Min. thickness 16 mm

Max. infeed width 500 mm

No: P0164

Butt End Reducer manufactured by BRUKS in Sweden.

Type RR1200

Capacity: Log.dia. 20 cm - approx 6 sec./log
Capacity: Log.dia. 60 cm - approx 12 sec./log

Max..Log diameters 700 mm

No: P0163

 6 head planer / moulder type WADKIN 7" FB 180

Equipped with universal ( multi purpose head )
Max size of finished work 180 x 100 mm
Max. feed speed 45 m/min

Slightly used and in excellent condition

No: P0162

Hydraulic station installed in 20 foot container.
The unit consist of:
2 hydraulic piston pumps 270 cc/rev
Maximum flow total 780 l/min.
Maximum preassure 350 bar.
The pumps are driven by 2 x 160 kW electrical motors.
Cooling filter 800 l/min with 3 aircoolers with
total capacity of approx 300 kW
Included are also softstarter and plc for controlling the station.

No: P0160

Tripple bandsaw for sawn timber and blocks.
Manufactured by CANALI

No: P0159

Log bandsaw with log carriage manufactured by STENNER.

No: P0158

Mobile Debarker with chains mounted on trailer.
Capacity 75 - 125 mTon per hour.
Max log diameters 60 cm


Bruks 803 CM drum chipper. Capacity 30 - 60 m3 chips per hour. Infeed opening 540 x 300 mm


Bruks 802 CM drum chipper Capacity 30 - 60 m3 chips per hour. Infeed opening: 540 x 300 mm 2 knifes

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