Woodworking equipment

No: P0102

Automatic Grinding machine for cutters type JAJOD.
Suitable for cutters with 4, 6, 8 and 12 teeths.

No: P0098

Disc chipper manufactured by Söderhamns type 670-56 Orkan with bottom outlet
Capacity up to 190 m3 of ready made chips per hour.
The machine is equippted with 6 chipping knifes.

No: P0095

Ring debarker type Cambio 70-35
Max log diameter 35 cm
Min logdiameter 5 cm
Max feeding speed 42 m/min

No: P0094

Logbandsaw with log carriage.
Max logdiameters 1 meter

No: P0070

Cambio debarker type 71-45 with standard dampers and pyramo debarking tools.
Max logdiameter 45 cm
Min logdiameter 6 cm
Min loglength 2.5 meter
Max feeding 72 m/min

No: P0030

Circular resaw type ARI KL-10 for round slabs. Equipted with "flouting sawblade" Infeed and outfeed conveyors included. Bofors hydraulic and electronical setting system for highspeed setting of the dimansions

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