Woodworking plants

No: PL0106


Complete plant for manufacturing Wood chips consisting of:
Drum debarker type KMW with log intake and outfeed conveyor to chipping machine.
Round wood chipping machine KMW MHO550 with electrical motor 380 kW

Round wood, max. diameter 500 mm
Chip length 16 - 30 mm
Capacity, chips/h, 25 mm chip length 350 m3
Diameter of disc 2440 mm
Number of knives 10
Net weight 22000 kgComplete plant for manufacturing Wood chips consisting of:
No: PL0104

Complete line for planing and resawing.
Consisting of 6 head Jonsereds H46KB planer and WACO band resaw.

No: PL0100

Water based fire protection system for buildings with electrical pump
and backup pump driven by dieselmotor. Two water storage tanks included.
Complete "waterpipe"  system also included in the system.

No: PL0045

Planta impregnadora tubo de 9 metro y 900 mm de diametro.

No: PL0061

Sistema de agua caliente.
Capacidad 2 x 100 m3

No: PL0067

Planta de clasificado para tablas y tablones .
Numero de buzones 20.

No: PL0069

Linea de cepillado WACO/Jonsereds 7 - cabezales modelo H-571KN
Velocidad de avanceto 70 m/min
Ancho maximo 300 mm
Altura maxima 100 mm

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